Axia Router Control Panels
Axia Routing Control Panels put fingertip control of inputs, outputs, and routing scene changes anywhere you’ve got a rack space. They are typically used where hardware control of audio routes is required in a fast-paced, live environment. These panels do not have any audio connections since they control the routing of network audio streams to other devices, typically Telos Alliance xNodes. Their only connection is a Livewire Ethernet connection, and no additional software is required to use them.
Film-cap controllers with LED-backlit keys can be illuminated with a choice of colors; keycaps are film-legendable for quick function identification.
SmartSwitch panels have dynamic, backlit LCD buttons that can change color and text with user activation.
The 8-button SoftSwitch panel has high-resolution OLED buttons that can be loaded with user-created bitmaps for instant function identification.
The XY Routing Control Panel allows convenient on-the-fly routing of networked sources from anywhere in your facility; route any source to any output of your choosing with the twist of a knob.
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