Axia iQs
Axia iQs AES67 Mixing Console
With the introduction in 2019 of the Axia iQx, we combined the mix engine and control surface into one unit, providing a simple, easy-to-install console capable of accessing any audio source on the network anywhere in the world.
iQs takes things one step further and eliminates the physical console altogether, replacing it with an HTML-5-based on-screen interface.
In its base configuration, iQs provides 4 faders/input channels and a monitor control section. Configured with four stereo inputs, two external (monitor) inputs, one external preview, and one VMixer, twelve input streams are available.
Additional faders/channels can be added in groups of four via licensing, up to a maximum of 24.
24 user-configurable output streams are included.
Basic call control functionality is provided via Livewire+ using GPIO. An optional VX license supports fixed line control (“Euro mode”) or multi-line control and provides a telephone interface on-screen.
Up to 30 customized user buttons can be added in groups of five via license.
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