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AE-1000 Hardware


The AE-1000 is a 1RU product intended to be permanently installed in a standard 19½” equipment rack and secured with four standard rack screws. It is a fanless, passively cooled design and whenever possible, it is recommended to leave 1RU of empty space above and below the unit.


Connect the included 12VDC power supply to the power connection on the rear of the unit. There is no power switch; power is applied as soon as the unit is plugged into a mains source.

Network Connection

Connect the Primary Ethernet port on the rear of the AE1000 to a 1GB port on your PC. Set the PC’s Ethernet port to
The default IP address of the AE-1000 is
Using your preferred web browser, enter the AE-1000’s IP address into the URL field. When prompted for authentication, enter the user name “user” and leave the password field blank. The iQs Status screen will be displayed.
Click on the System > Setup link (A) in the left-hand menu and enter the Hostname, IP address, Netmask, and Gateway (B) as appropriate for your application, then click the Save button (C).
Figure 1 - System setup screen
Disconnect the network connection to the PC and connect the AE-1000 to your network. We recommend writing the IP address on the back panel label for easy reference.
You may return your PC to its normal network settings.

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