AES3 Interface

Applicable to AIXpressor

AIXpressor has four AES3 interfaces proving a total of eight I/O audio channels. It may also be configured as four inputs and twelve outputs to support the monitoring of immersive audio formats.

Select AES3 (A) from the Interfaces menu.

Displayed information includes:

  • Relay Bypass (B) - Enables or disables the hard relay bypass for the AES3 input. When enabled, AES3 I/O routing will default to the configuration set by the jumpers near the I/O connector. See the AES3 I/O Relay Bypass portion of the Technical Data section for details.

  • AES Status Pair (C) - Indicates the status of the AES3 receiver (OK or Fail).

  • Signal Status Pair (D) - Shows the signal status for each stereo pair.

  • SRC Stereo Pair (E) - Enables or disables the sample rate converters for each of the four stereo pairs.

  • I/O Mode (F) - Selects either the eight input/eight output mode or the four input/twelve output mode.

  • Output Force Channel Status (G) - Options include Transparent, Auto, Prof PCM, Prof Non-PCM, Cons PCM, and Cons Non-PCM.

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