New Stream Defaults

When setting up a large number of receivers and senders, entering the information once in the New Stream Defaults section pre-populates the most common fields and eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the information with each new addition.

Protocol (A)

Selects the type of AoIP stream. Choices include Livewire, AES67, and ST2110.

Receiver (B)

Some values may ybe pre-selected based on the protocol, while others are initially blank to allow for a customized value. When you anble the settings they will appear in the Receivers and Senders stream setups in the following chapters. To ease the assignmment of multicast addresses for receiving streams you can set a Start Destination Address Prefix.

If Seamless Protection Switching is used you can set this address for streams for Media Interface 2 as well.

Sender (C)

  • Seamless Protection Switching - ON/OFF

  • Codec - Select the type of codec for 2110 / AES67 streams

  • Auto RTP Payload Type - the paylaod type will b eautomatically set depending on the selected protocol

  • Start Destination Address Prefix

Note - The fields displayed in the Receiver and Sender sections will vary depending upon which protocol is selected; SMPTE 2110 is shown in Figure 1. It is important to mention again that setting these paramters requires a deep knowlege about AoIP, so pls. consult therespective IETF, AES, SMPTE, AMWA knowlege base if you have questions. At Telos we have the AoIP "Bible" that digs deeper into details:


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