If your flexAI system is connected to an open network, secure communication is a must.

In flexAI version 2023-12r1 secure client /server communication via HTTPS has been introduced. This requires a SSL/TLS protocol implementation. I.e. the server (flexAI) must provide a certificate that will be used by the client (web browser or other client software), to encrypt the communication. You may refere to the various sources in the internet if you need more detailed information about the matter.

Click on Certificates (A) to open the page

The certificate (B) you initially find on a flexAI system is a so called self signed certificate. If you have a CA (certificate authority) in our network you can register this certificate by generating a CRS (D) (Certificate Signing Request) file that is used for that process. But you can also import (C) a certificate that includes the IP address and/or the DNS name of the flexAI system. If it is registered with your browser as well, this will avoid error messages when you start a new HTTPS session (if your browser automatically deletes cookies and the history). You are able to dowload this certificate (E) or simply display it (F) FYI.

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