The Info menu provides a comprehensive list of various statuses. It is broken into five categories: SYSTEM, HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, SYSTEM LOAD and ABOUT.


Select Info (A) from the System menu to view the SYSTEM STATUS, which displays by default.

The Overall Status indicator (B) provides an overall indication of the system. A green "OK" doesn't necessarily mean that there are no abnormal statuses anywhere in the system, but rather that AIXpressor is functioning well overall.

Use the Type buttons (C) to view or filter specific types of statuses, including All, OK, Warning, Error, Info, and Inactive. Multiple buttons may be enabled simultaneously.

The Component dropdown (D) allows you to select which components are included in the detailed status report. Options include All, Service, System, Hardware, Audio Processing, Routing, Sync, Network, and Interfaces.

Clicking the Edit button (E) allows you to exclude certain groups of components from the system status page.


The HARDWARE STATUS page (A) is primarily meant for diagnostic and service purposes. It lists the current firmware version along with various temperature, fan, and power supply statuses. Example from an AIXpressor.


The SOFTWARE STATUS page (A) provides details about the software versions currently installed on a flexAI system.


The SYSTEM LOAD (A) page provides an aggregated view of the variuous system components that may have influence on the performance. When <Show Expert View> (B) is enabled it will provide a time weighted (integrated) display. In the bottom of the moving sections you see the legend of the various colors.


The flexAI systen is based on a Debian Linux distribution. It contains various software packages which are bound to GNU GPL (Genral Purpose Licenses). This page (A) lists all common and Debian package relevant license information. You may click on one of the <DETAILS> buttons (B) to download and read the respective license information.

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