Since flexAI is a Linux based system, the firmware consists of multiple packages. So one my either update individual packages (meant for experienced users, developers and service) or all relevant packegaes for a complete release.

flexAI firmware can be updated in three ways:

  • From a firmware image on a USB stick plugged into a USB port

  • From a local image on a computer that is connected to the same network the flexAI hardware is part of.

  • From our online server - This is currently not available in the field.

Default Update Page

The default view of the Update Page allows for the three steps of an update to a new flexAI release. From here you can select an update source (A) and start the update (B) and finally Reboot (C) the device to restart all processes.

Extended Update Page

Clicking the Setup icon (C) opens a window with options to:

  • Automatically update packages when a new release is installed (default = on)

  • Show advanced package management (meant for experienced users, development and service - default = off)

  • Only show Junger packages (default = on)

When Show advanced packet management is turned on it shows the installed packages (B) in detail. Use the Display column (A) to select whether All available packages are displayed at once or just the content from a specific section.

Selecting an Update Source

To begin an update, click on the Change Update Source button (A). A Choose Package Source window (B) will open. Click on the desired source. When the pop-up window appears, follow the on-screen instructions, which will vary slightly depending on the selected update source.

When pressing the EXECUTE UPDATE buton a "Refreshing Repository" progress window will appear:

After all files are copied to the internal memory of te flexAI device a "CAUTION" message appears:

Press PROCEED and be patient. Once the update is complete and the "Update Successful" window appears, reboot the hardware:

When selecting USB DEVICE you must burn the *.iso file as an image to an USB stick. Don't simply copy that file to a stick! You may use the balena Etcher tool: https://etcher.balena.io/ or similar tools for macOS.

Important - Be sure to remove the processor from the on-air path before updating, as the unit will disconnect from the network, and audio will be interrupted during the update.

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