LA-5291 Professional Audio Encoder
Congratulations on your purchase of the Linear Acoustic LA-5291 Professional Audio Encoder.
The LA-5291 provides decoding, encoding, and transcoding to and from PCM and select Dolby® coded formats for up to 16 audio channels in support of real-time immersive Dolby Atmos® workflows. This includes:
  • Decoding Dolby ED2 to PCM
  • Transcoding Dolby ED2 to Dolby Digital Plus JOC and Dolby E to Dolby Digital Plus Encoding
  • PCM to Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus JOC, and Dolby ED2
In the OB truck, the LA-5291 can encode a Dolby Atmos mix into either Dolby ED2 for backhaul to the network center or directly to Dolby Digital Plus JOC for direct transmission to the viewer.
In the broadcast center, it can decode an incoming ED2 stream from the venue and send the PCM audio through the facility for mixing in with studio shows and the playback of interstitials and commercials.
In the air chain, the LA-5291 can encode PCM coming through the plant to Dolby Digital Plus JOC or transcode an incoming ED2 stream directly to Dolby Digital Plus JOC.
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