AE-2000 (2021) Platform


Connect the left NIC (when viewed from the back of the Pathfinder Core PRO) to your office network to use panels and other capabilities provided by Pathfinder Core PRO from office computers.
Connect the right NIC to your AoIP network using a Cat-6 Ethernet cable
Using the supplied IEC cables, connect the Pathfinder Core PRO’s power supply input to AC mains.
The VGA connector on the back of the Pathfinder Core PRO studio engine is only needed for configuring the initial IP address settings. Alternatively, you can configure a network in the same range as the default IP addresses and configure via the web interface.
Warning: Starting with PathfinderCore PRO AE-2000 (2021) platforms shipping with version 1.8 of the software, the order of the nics has changed such that NIC1 (left) is Office and NIC2 (right) is AoIP/Livewire. This is in order to bring consistency across the products using this platform. Software updates to 1.8 of existing systems in the field will not be affected as this is accomplished by adding a config flag during the production build process.

IP Address Configuration

Your system is configured from the factory with default Livewire and office IP address as follows:
Left NIC (Office): with a netmask of Right NIC (AoIP/Livewire): with a netmask of
These IP addresses can be changed either by attaching a monitor and USB keyboard and using the intuitive menu or by browsing to the default IP address as described below.

Screen and Keyboard IP Address Assignment

Attach a monitor to the VGA port on the back of PathfinderCore PRO and a USB keyboard to the USB port. You will see a menu dialog similar to this:
Menu navigation uses the arrow keys and the ENTER and ESC keys.
  • Press ENTER to access the configuration menu
  • Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to highlight the NETWORK menu option, then press ENTER
  • Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to highlight the LIVEWIRE network interface, then press ENTER
  • Configure the IP settings using the UP/DOWN arrow keys to increment or decrement the values and the ENTER or ESC keys to edit or exit each option; you can also type numerals instead of using the arrow keys
  • After configuring the IP, NETMASK, and GATEWAY settings, select DONE then press ENTER
  • Repeat this process for the Office interface and the DNS configuration (DNS may be required for email configuration)
  • Once all configurations are complete, navigate to Reboot and Apply Settings and press ENTER; confirm any request; the system will reboot to the new network configuration.
You may now move on to the Discovery section of this guide.

Alternate Network IP Address Configuration

  • Attach the right NIC of Pathfinder Core PRO to a network switch
  • Attach a computer to the same switch and configure the computer’s IP address to be within the 192.168.2.xx range, but avoid using
  • Using a web browser, browse to
  • Log in using the default Username and Password: Username = Admin Password = Admin
  • Click on the Configuration link
  • Use the Configure buttons to change the IP address, Netmask, and Gateway for both the Livewire and Office network interfaces
  • Click the Reboot button to restart with the new IP addresses
You may now move on to the Discovery section of this guide.