R/2 Platform


Connect the left NIC (as viewed from the back of the Pathfinder Core PRO) to your AoIP network using a Cat-6 Ethernet cable
Connect the right NIC to your office network to use panels and other capabilities provided by Pathfinder Core PRO from office computers
Using the supplied IEC cables, connect the Pathfinder Core PRO’s power supply input to AC mains
The VGA connector on the back of the Pathfinder Core PRO studio engine is generally not used for normal operations except under the direction of Support; all configuration can be completed using the front panel and online web GUI

IP Address Configuration

Once Pathfinder Core PRO has booted, its display will show the OK logo along with the factory default IP address.
Use the following legend when manipulating the keypad in the sections below:
Enter the IP address, netmask, and gateway for the system:
  • Tap the Enter key in the center of the keypad once; a menu will appear
  • Tap the Down arrow to highlight the network menu, then tap the Enter key to enter the network menu
  • Tap the Enter key again to enter the Livewire network settings
  • Tap the Right arrow to enter the IP Address, then use the Up and Down arrows to increment or decrement each number; tapping the Right arrow advances the cursor to the next octet
  • When you reach the end of the IP Address field, tap the Right arrow again to return to the main item selection
  • Tap the Down arrow to move to the Netmask
  • Tap the Right arrow to enter the netmask assignment section
  • Use the Up and Down arrows to select valid netmask entries, then tap the Right arrow to advance to the next octet; the system will only allow you to enter valid netmask addresses
  • Once the netmask is entered properly, tap the Right arrow to return to the main section, then arrow down to the Gateway field
  • Repeat the above procedure to set the gateway
Important Note: Only one gateway is allowed. Whether you set it in the Livewire or Office IP Address section, only the last gateway entered will be used.
  • Arrow down to click Done; this will return you to the network menu
  • Repeat the procedure for the office network and DNS settings
  • Once all addresses have been assigned, tap the Down arrow to select Reboot and Apply Settings
  • Tap Enter to reboot the system
You may now move to the Discovery section.
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