Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Pathfinder Core PRO. We know that you're anxious to get started, so this section will take you from “out-of-the-box” to “up-and-running” as quickly as possible.

We've made a few basic assumptions:

  • That you have some knowledge of network basics and network terminology

  • That you are familiar with other Axia Livewire products

  • That you have a correctly configured network switch

Once you’re all set up, the manual will provide in-depth knowledge of Pathfinder Core PRO's more advanced options. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide below that matches the platform you purchased; R/2, AE-2000 (2021), or Virtual Machine. The R/2 and AE-2000 (2021) look identical from the back and use the same software update packages, but the AE-2000 (2021) platform does not have an LCD display on the front. Once you're completed the product specific section, finish with the "Discovery" section of this Quick Start Guide.