Version 04/28/2021

  • Updated the build process to work better with the Telos Alliance continuous integration pipeline.

  • Added code to prevent a double entry which sometimes occurred after dropping a new event onto a calendar and then switching views.

  • Fixed an issue where recurring events set to Saturday were not displaying on Saturday in the calendar.

  • Fixed a bug with the timer list display where it was not always showing the correct state of timers without a browser refresh.

Version 04/14/2021

  • Fixed an issue with timers where the new end date/time in date time and day of week timers was not being updated to the new offset after a daylight savings time shift.

  • Fixed an issue where when time jumps from before a dayofweek timer event to a new day, that could cause the event to raise last raised repeatedly when it executes.

  • Fixed issues with generic emulators that use UDP client and UDP listener.

    • In some cases the UDP client would stop sending data after a failed attempt.

    • Additionally this version adds a local port to UDP client for bi-directional communication.

    • This change is cherry-picked from

  • Reworked syslog log writers to use the new UDP client changes from generic emulators

    • This fixes an issue where the UDP log writer might stop sending data to the syslog server after it fails to send a few messages.

    • There is a possibility once that stoppage happened that the UDP client might also leak a small amount ram.

    • These issues with UDP syslogs should be fixed in this version, but the fixes did require overhauling the UDP client technology so report any issues you may encounter.

  • Fixed an issue where None sources as base points pointed at a virtual router base point might not clear properly due to an incorrect ordering of the destination base point return.

  • Fixed an issue where some LWCP messages were bypassing logging options when Lwcp message logging was enabled.

  • Added code to skip source list polling on Qor versions earlier than in order to prevent triggering the source list query memory leak in Qor software earlier than that version.

    • Updating Qor to or later is recommended to regain the best functionality with PathfinderCore PRO.

  • Modified the compilation and build procedure to be more inline with the continuous integration process of other Telos Alliance projects.

  • Added some code to streamline event data changes in a calendar in the scheduling system.

Version 02/20/2021

Note: This version is identical to but updated to the release version number. Patches to any bugs will be released as patch update and described here. New features will move to a 1.9 beta version.

  • Changed the documentation links in the software to point to the 1.8.x.xx version of the manual and remove links to beta documentation.