Quick Start Guide

Getting Started


We know you're anxious to mount your new Telos iPort High Density and get it running, but please take a moment to register your product online to activate the warranty and ensure you will get quality support should you have questions regarding installation, operation, or troubleshooting. Visit http://telosalliance.com/product-registration/ to register.

Hardware Installation

The 1RU iPort High Density hardware mounts in a standard 19-inch rack with supplied rack rails. The rear of the unit must be supported. To prevent damage, if the supplied rack rails are not used, a supporting shelf is recommended. Install iPort High Density in a location where cooling fan noise is not an issue.
Important - Please see the User Warnings and Cautions page for important installation and electrical safety information.

Front Panel

The front panel gives basic status indications including power, SSD drive activity, and connectivity indicators for the NET 1 and NET 2 connections. There are no controls on the front panel. iPort High Density will power on automatically once connected to power.

Rear Panel Connections

iPort High Density rear panel connections
A. Power B. RS232 (Serial) C. USB Ports D. NET 1 (WAN) E. NET 2 (Livewire - LAN) F. VGA Connector G. Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
Note - USB and VGA port connections may be required for the initial IP address configuration. A connection is not required for normal operation or configuration.
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