Initial Configuration


Power is supplied by dual, redundant, internal, auto-ranging power supplies, 100-264 VAC, 50/60Hz, 100W max. These supplies are auto-switching and easily field-replaceable for maximum uptime. A green LED indicates a normal status. A red LED (or no light at all) indicates a fault.

Note - Using both power supplies - ideally fed from two different sources - is recommended for redundancy, but iPort High Density can operate on a single power supply. If only one power supply is connected, release the latch and remove the second power supply to prevent the alarm from sounding.


The Ethernet mode is set permanently to AUTO for both NICs, and so the switch or router to which they are connected must be as well. Problems can result if the router or switch is set to a fixed 10, 100, or 1000BT status.

CAT-5e cables may be used for the Livewire connection, though we recommend CAT-6 when possible for all 1000BT (Gigabit) connections.

Important - The NET 2 (the Livewire LAN) connection requires a 1000BT full-duplex connection.

For the initial setup, you can connect iPort High Density to your switch or temporarily connect it directly to a PC using a standard Ethernet cable (a cross-over cable is not required).

iPort High Density ships with network addresses pre-set as follows. If this fits your network scheme, you can continue with the configuration via a web browser.


  • NET 1 has no configuration by default.

LAN (NET 2) Livewire or AoIP Network

  • IP Address (static):

  • Subnet Mask:

  • Gateway: Not offered on LAN interface

  • DNS: Not offered on LAN interface

If the pre-configured address scheme does not meet your needs, you will need to use a local monitor and keyboard and follow the instructions in the Alternate Method for IP Addressing section of the User Manual.

Connecting to the Web Interface

iPort High Density can be remotely accessed from a web browser on any PC on the network.

  1. Connect the iPort High Density to your network using NET 2.

  2. From a computer connected to the same network, point your browser to the iPort by entering the unit’s IP address (

  3. When prompted, enter the user name "user".

  4. The default password is blank (no password).

After login, the Home screen is displayed:

iPort High Density Home screen