Telos VX Enterprise and VX Prime+
Telos VX® is the world’s first VoIP (Voice over IP) talkshow system, capable of running all the on-air phones for your entire broadcast plant.
Telos VX Enterprise™ and VX Prime+™, with built-in support for AES67, represent the next evolution of Telos VX packaged in powerful new 1RU hardware units.
Support for the G.722 voice codec ensures the highest quality calls from supported mobile devices. With a capacity expandable up to 120 hybrids/faders, VX Enterprise is ideal for medium to large facilities and can grow with your station over time. For smaller facilities, check out VX Prime+ with an 8 hybrid capacity.
AES67 support brings a new level of compatibility and flexibility to VX phone systems and gives broadcasters the flexibility of integrating VX Enterprise or Prime+ into any AES67 environment including our own Axia® Livewire® network. With plug-and-play connectivity, you can network multiple channels of audio with any manufacturer’s AES67-compliant hardware.
Beyond AES67, Livewire users have the added convenience and power of networking control (GPIO), advertising/discovery, and program-associated data throughout the network.
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