AERO Series DTV Audio Processors

Congratulations on your purchase of a Linear Acoustic® AERO.20, AERO.200, or AERO.2400 DTV audio processor. While there are differences between each of these three products (as outlined below), they all offer the high-quality loudness control, 2- to 5-channel upmixing, and flexible signal routing our customers expect from a Linear Acoustic processor.

Like their predecessors over the past 20+ years - including the OCTiMAX, AEROMAX, AERO.air,, AERO.lite, AERO.10, AERO.100, and AERO.2000 processors - today's lineup relies upon the same industry-standard AEROMAX® and UPMAX®-II algorithms to ensure a consistent, compliant, and no-compromise output for main channel and SAP audio.

Each AERO.20, AERO.200, and AERO.2400 is factory-configured in one of three program configurations:

  • AMX5.1 (5.1+2+2) - 5.1-channel processing for the main program audio with upmixing, 2-channel processing for SAP audio and/or a downmix of the main program audio, and a second 2-channel processor for an additional program, a main program audio downmix, or local audio insertion with upmixing.

  • AMX2.0 (2+2+2) - 2-channel processing for the main program audio, including downmixing of native 5.1-channel content, 2-channel processing for SAP audio and/or a duplicate of the main program audio, and a second 2-channel processor for an additional program.

  • AMX5x2 (2+2+2+2+2) - Processing for up to five 2-channel programs, but without the ability to downmix native 5.1-channel content at the input.

Regardless of how each unit was ordered and initially configured from the factory, all models can be field-updated to a different configuration anytime by contacting your Linear Acoustic sales representative for a new license key.

All configurations allow local audio insertion from an outside source, which is typically used for EAS alerts or text-to-speech (TTS) audio.

I/O for all three products includes two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs with access to all eight audio pairs, plus eight channels of AES-3 I/O.


AERO.20 is a 1RU product capable of hosting one instance of AMX processing. It is specifically intended for PCM-only applications where Dolby® coded audio and audience measurement encoding are not required.


Like AERO.20, AERO.200 is a 1RU product. However, it can host up to two independent instances of AMX processing. Additionally, AERO.200 supports optional Dolby® Digital Plus transcoding, which includes Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus decoding to PCM and encoding to Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus for transmission. Nielsen and Verance® Aspect® watermark encoding for audience measurement are also optionally available.


AERO.2400 is functionally identical to AERO.200 but offers sixteen channels (eight pairs) of AES-3 I/O. From a hardware standpoint, AERO.2400 sets itself apart by being a 2RU product, which makes room for a larger, full-color display, front-panel menu navigation cluster, and a headphone jack with volume control.

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