Quick Start Guide
Axia Quasar XR and SR AoIP Mixing Consoles

Welcome to Quasar XR and Quasar SR!

Setting up a networked audio mixing console is challenging, but the following pages are intended to make it as easy as possible and help the busy engineer get up and running quickly.
This Quickstart Guide assumes a few things:
    Basic networking skills and a familiarity with networking terminology
    Familiarity with Audio over IP and Axia Livewire products
    An approved network switch properly configured for use on a Livewire network

Quasar System Anatomy

Required Equipment, Cables, and Accessories

The following items are necessary to complete the installation and configuration:
    Quasar control surface
    Power (mains) cords
    CAT5 Ethernet cable
    Quasar Engine platform
    Gigabit switch configured for use on an Axia network
    PC with access to the Axia network

Summary of Steps Required to Get Audio From the Console

Initial Setup

    Network switch configuration
    Quasar surface configuration
    Quasar surface network configuration
    Quasar XR modules discovery and configuration
    Quasar SR modules configuration
    Quasar Engine installation and network configuration
    Checking connection to Quasar engine

Console Configuration

    Quasar Engine audio outputs configuration
    Surface layer configuration
    Creating and configuring input sources
    Assigning sources to input channels
    Program assignment and monitoring
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