Safety Information


  • Safety classification: Class 1 grounded product / Schutzklasse 1 corresponding to EN 60065:2002.

  • Power connection: The device must be connected to a power socket that provides a protective grounding conductor. Be sure the hardware is installed so that you can quickly and easily disconnect the power cords if necessary.

  • Power switch: On/Off toggle switch on the rear of the device near the power inlet. An engraved "I/O" indicates the ON/OFF position on the switch. Devices with dual power supplies will include two power cords and two switches. Be sure the hardware is installed so that the switch is easily accessible and familiarize yourself with their location and operation.

  • Water protection: The device must not be exposed to dripping or splashing water.

Service Safety

  • Only qualified personnel should perform service procedures.

  • Do not service the unit alone.

  • To avoid electric shock, switch off the device, then disconnect the power cord(s) from the mains power.

  • Do not block access to the power cord during service.

To Avoid Fire or Personal Injury

  • Mount the hardware on a flat surface or into a standard 19 1/2" equipment rack; when rack-mounting, the use of sheet metal brackets is recommended for additional support.

  • For fan-cooled devices, a gap of at least 1cm must be left between the device and any supports.

  • Leaving a 1RU gap above and below the device is recommended.

  • Use only a power cord specified for this product and certified for use in your region or country.

  • Do not operate the devices with covers or panels removed.

  • If you suspect the product is damaged in any way, do not operate it, and have it inspected by qualified service personnel.

  • This device contains a lithium battery which may explode if installed incorrectly or replaced by a different type of battery.

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